The first FrancoAmsud Meeting will be held in Marseille, France, by Aix-Marseille Université (AMU) during the Spring of 2019. Several research teams formed around different PR2I (Pôles de Recherche Interdisciplinaires et Intersectoriels) in Energy and Environment from AMU will be involved in the event.

Meeting the growing global demand for energy while protecting the environment for the future generations is a vital challenge for our societies, particularly considering the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN and the Paris Climate Accord signed in 2016. To meet these goals, energy efficiency must be increased while developing and adopting renewable energy technologies. Additionally, the environmental and climate impact of fossil energy sources must be reduced. In this context, the scientific collaboration of France with countries like Chile or Brazil allows solving different problems, which in some cases are complementary. The visit of President Hollande to Chile in early 2017 in the context of the Franco-Chilean Innovation Year, where energy was defined as one of the six cooperation topics with the highest priority between the two countries, and the launch of the “Energy and Environment” international laboratory associated with CNRS, which links French and Brazilian universities are tokens of the strong will to collaborate and develop innovative solutions jointly.

To develop and strengthen these links, we have decided to organize the Franco-AMSUD Energy and Environment Meetings. These scientific meetings will be an opportunity for Brazilian, Chilean and French researchers to meet and exchange. One of the main goals is to encourage the participation of doctoral students in the event, and to establish double degree and joint supervision schemes for students in the different participating countries.